10 DIY Halloween Decorations

10 DIY Halloween Decorations
you can do with your kids

10 DIY Halloween Decorations you can do with your kids

When it comes to DIY Halloween decorations we all like to be involved??  We have 10 DIY Halloween decorations that you and your kids can do together for a fun afternoon of making your home and yard extra spooky!!!  So let’s get started on how you and your ghosts and ghouls can trick out your yard and home.

Let’s get started:

  1.  Floating Witch’s Hat Luminaries

One of our favorites is the Floating Witch’s Hat Luminaries. This project is really simple and tons of fun and adds whimsy to your Halloween porch! These are definite DIY Halloween Decorations for your porch.

Floating Witches Hat Luminaries
Picture via Polkadot Chair


2.  Illuminated Ghost

Who would not want a ghost on their front porch?? These ghosts are made of tomato cages that just might so happen to be left over from summer gardening. You just wrap a strand of Christmas lights around the tomato cage put your scary ghost on top and viola!! 🙂

Illuminated Ghosts
Picture via Listotic.com

3.  A Dripping Paint Pumpkin

No outdoor porch would be complete without a pumpkin. And this dripping paint pumpkin looks extra scary!! With this project you can either use a real pumpkin or a craft pumpkin, either or will look just as good!

Dripping Paint Pumpkin
Picture via House of Joyful Noise

4.  Trash Bag Spiders

EEK!! No porch or yard for that matter can go without spooky spiders!! Make this spider out of none other than Hefty trash bags. The fall brings tons of leaves, and what a better way to use those leaves than to stuff them in a trash bag to make a spider!! Then just drape the spooky spider on an outside wall or hang on a porch rail.

Trash Bag Spider
Picture via Hefty.com

5.  Cardboard Tombstones

So yes everyone needs this Halloween yard décor. The classic tombstone!! Put some creatively spooky names on them set them up for all your neighbors to see and read, it could be them next…make these cardboard tombstones for your yard.

     6.  DIY Tin Can Ghost Windsock

If you are like us you probably have saved a few coffee cans here and there. These projects are made out of recyclable tin cans and are just painted white then add paper streamers and hang from your tree. Don’t just make one make several and watch them fly in the Halloween sky. Your kids will love this Tin Can Ghost Windsock.

Tin Can Ghost Windsock
Picture via Chicken Scratch NY

7.  Floating Cheesecloth Ghost

We have our ghosts outside but the inside needs a little bit of scare too! These cute little ghosts and a great inside project for you and your kids. Once these ghosts are dry they make great table décor. Enjoy sculpting out your Floating Cheesecloth Ghost.

Floating Cheesecloth Ghost
Picture via Love and Laundry

8.  Halloween Decoration: Bats!!

Halloween always brings bats!! These cute 3D bats you can hang from the ceiling in your home, or from a doorway. Hang them with fishing line so no one can see how they fly thru the air of your spooky home. Your kids will love to see these Bats fly with the greatest of eek!

Halloween Decoration: Bats!!
Picture via By Wilma

9.  Paper Lantern Spider

This project is super easy and your kids will love it! It is a great way to use party décor and yet stay on track with the Halloween theme. This spider is made out of a black paper lantern and crepe paper for legs. Don’t forget to add the googley eyes for this spider to see you with! Have your kids help you to decide where this Paper Lantern Spider will crawl too.

Paper Lantern Spider
Picture via Everyday Dishes

10.  Bat Chocolate Bars

This last one really isn’t a decoration, however they are fun for you and your kids to make for your trick or treaters. Simple just cut out a bat template on a piece of construction paper and use two sided tape or glue and put the Hershey chocolate bar on the bat. These are super cute for any Halloween party. Your kids can even take these Bat Chocolate Bars to school for a Halloween treat for all.

Bat Chocolate Bars
Picture via The Spruce

So…who could go wrong with all these ideas for Halloween? Just a fun filled weekend to make your Halloween holiday a little spookier!!

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