13 Easy Halloween Treat Ideas

13 Easy Halloween Treat Ideas

These 13 frightfully easy Halloween treat ideas are not only super cute but super easy for you to just mystically whip right up!
These ideas are creepy and crawly to ghoulish and haunting but there is something here for everyone!
So let’s just unmask the 13 Easy Halloween Food Ideas:

  1. Mini Donut Spiders

These creepy crawly spiders are super cute and super yummy! They are made of the mini chocolate donuts, and easy to put together and tasty. My grandkids absolutely   loved helping making these and it was easy for them to help. This is a must do for Halloween Treat.

Mini Donut Spiders
via Its Always Autumn
2. Spider Web Chocolate Bark

This fast and easy treat only requires two ingredients. Not only is it fast and easy it also ranks for those who have certain food allergies as it is gluten, egg and dairy free. It also is a Whole 30 food!

Spider Web Chocolate Bark
via A Saucy Kitchen
3. Melted Jack O’ Lantern Brownies

Well what better to complement a brownie other than a marshmallow! Right??  With this you just whip up your brownies put on the marshmallow decorate with orange candy melts and oh and don’t forget the small chocolate chip on top! What a cute harvest treat!

Jack O Lantern Brownies
via The Novice Chef Blog
4. Mummy Twinkie Pops

Yes, one of my all time favorite sweet treats is inside this Mummy…a Twinkie!! You will love making this spooky treat and of course love eating too! Be sure to watch the cute little video that shows you how easy it is!

Mummy Twinkie Pops
via Confession of a Cookbook Queen
5. Halloween Muddy Buddies Mix

Muddy Buddies treats are a staple for every ones sweet tooth. This Mix has not only the staple cereals but also Halloweens favorite candy corn and my all time favorite candy Reese’s mini cups! This is definitely one treat that you and your kids will love to make and eat together!

Halloween Muddy Buddies
via Simply Being Mommy
6. Halloween Marshmallow Pops

These Halloween Marshmallow Pops are super delicious and a great treat for your Halloween party.  If you love chocolate and marshmallow then this is the perfect sweet treat for you.

Halloween Marshmallow Pops
via Two Sisters Crafting
7. 4-Ingredient Mini Bat Treats

Ok…so this 4 ingredient Mini Bat Treats is just what any chocolate and peanut butter lover will want! These are one of the simplest treats on the list. These frightful flying treats won’t go far before the bite size treat has been bitten.

4 Ingredient Bats
via Chelsea’s Messy Apron

8. Easy Rice Krispie Mummies

These rice krispie treat mummies are just what the title says, easy! These are so easy that your little kids will be able to make them. Your kids can put character into each one of them that they make.

Easy Rice Krispie Mummies
via Kids Craft Room
9. “Spooky” Cinnamon Sugar Flour Tortilla Crisps

One of my favorite treats as a child was the cinnamon and sugar pie crust treat, when your mom had left over pie crust from making a pie. This spooky treat reminds me of just that! This is just as flavorful as the childhood treat I loved and just as easy to make as cinnamon toast.  Get your bat cookie cutter and fly away with this recipe.

Spooky Cinnamon and Sugar Flour Tortilla Crisps
via Simply Recipes
10. Ghost Popcorn Balls

This treat, you can make in any size!! The Ghost Popcorn Balls have five ingredients, and you can either pop your popcorn or use store bought, either way they are still fun and delicious to make. See how you can have a spooky good time making them.

11. Witch Brooms

The Witch Brooms is the number one simplest thing on the list to make! It just requires TWO ingredients and they are our favorite foods! Pretzel sticks and Reese’s peanut butter mini cups.

Witch Brooms
via Couponing to Disney
12. Halloween Pretzel Rods

Make these quick and easy treats for your family and friends. They make an excellent festive and easy Halloween food idea for any Halloween Party.

Halloween Pretzel Rods
via Catch My Party

And last easy Halloween treat ideas, but definitely not least,

13. Halloween Peanut Butter Spider Cookies

I served these creepy crawly cookies at our family Halloween party and they were a big hit! Oh and yes they have our favorite candy on top! These are super tasty and sweet and super cute too!

Halloween Peanut Butter Spider Cookies Easy Halloween Treat Ideas
via Mommy Musings

I love these 13 easy Halloween treat ideas, and I am sure that you will be like me and eventually make every last one of them.

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