14 Easter Baskets for Kids

Hey Guys and Good Morning! I have been looking at Easter baskets for kids everywhere. I have six grandchildren to get baskets for and I need to keep everything fair and similar. I have found several Easter baskets for kids at all my favorite shopping places and it’s just hard to get it all narrowed down and figured out, but I think I may have it!

I love personalizing all my holiday gifts or treats for my grandkids and big kids too! Especially when it comes to the holidays. This way when all my kids and grandkids think about the holidays they spent with me they will know just how special they are to me:)

Below are all of my favorite Easter baskets for kids that I found and loved at all of my favorite stores.

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So let's take a look at my favorite finds for Easter Baskets for kids!...

So you can always opt for the very plain version of a basket with just the liner, but when I go for this option I always like to add some personalized items in the basket and of course I love to get baskets that have the very bright and cute decorative liners...like these 3 below that I found at Target! These Chipwood Easter baskets for kids have a decorative material lining, you can choose from the blue plaid material liner, the egg pattern material liner, or the pink plaid material liner. All are just so cute and definitely fit the bill for me!

If you are going to go with the Chipwood Easter baskets for kids from Target you can always add a personalized Easter basket tag. I love this tag pictured below! This tag is from The Sugar Blush Studio Etsy Shop. Add it to the side of your basket so that your kids or grandkids know which basket is theirs.

The second picture featured below is a traditional wicker basket but yes, it is personalized with a decorative material liner that is a embroidered monogram with your kids or grandkids name! ❤❤❤ This cute basket is from the Etsy Shop Gifts Happen Here

If the traditional Easter basket is just not your jam, then I have a few for you that you will love!! 

These Easter baskets for kids are so stickin cute! They are painted metal buckets and bins! This is somewhat of a farmhouse style bucket but made just for your kids or grandkids. You really cant go wrong with these buckets and they can be used multiple times or for multiple events. 

The Easter pail basket pictured below on the left is a personalized 5 quart metal bucket with your kids or grandkids name monogrammed on the side. This metal bucket comes from the Etsy Shop DeLa Design

The second pictured Easter basket below on the right is actually a bin and comes from theEtsy Shop My Sweet 3 Creations.  These baskets are for the sports enthusiast child and are painted with either a baseball or softball with names on the side. 


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These next 3 baskets are metal pail tins and they all are painted and personalized and just perfect for the older kids.

The first metal pail pictured below is the Adorable Bunny Metal Pail. This pail comes from the Etsy Shop A Very Sticky Situation.

The second metal pail pictured below is an Easter Pail is hand-painted with the name on the side. This pail is a 5 quart bucket and comes from the Etsy Shop La De Dah Art.

The third metal pail pictured below is a 10 quart monogrammed bucket from the Etsy Shop Happy Thoughts Gifts. And I have to say I absolutely love the products in this shop check it out!!


For all of us grandmas out there....you cant forget your big kids too!! 

And I dont! I like to always have a basket for my big kids to pick out of on my dinning table filled with their favorite candy and snacks. Every year I get a new basket that I also can incorporate into my farmhouse style decor! You just cant go wrong with that move...hahaha:)

These 4 baskets below are my favorites and go to's for filling up with Easter candy. And yes they all are Farmhouse Style Decor!!

Click on the pictures below to see where I purchased mine.


I am obsessed with the Farmhouse Style Decor and if you would like to see more of my favorite Farmhouse Style then see this post on how to decorate up your bedroom with the Farmhouse Style Country Bedding!

I love all my finds, what do you think about these great Easter baskets for kids?? Let me know in the comments below, I would love to hear from you:)


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