16 Printable Planner and Calendars for an Organized Life

Now that the New Year is here and upon us, we all start thinking about getting organized. I am super excited about getting organized every year, mainly because I am OCD about organization. I have a printable planner and calendar for everything!

So, I thought I would help you get a little more organized with some of my favorite find printable planner and calendars to help you get organized.

Most of us like to carry our planners with us either in our carry along bag or purse. I keep a binder planner with me for the whole year that I put all my important dates in (ie..important birthdays, doctors appointments, kids events, grandkids events, holidays, and so on.), also in this binder planner I like to keep a running to-do list for each day that way I have an ideas as to how to plan out my day.

Below are some of my favorite finds for binder planners, that I would suggest for anyone wanting to get better organized.

16 Printable Planner and Calendars Pinterest Picture

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Monthly-Weekly-Daily Planners

This planner book is one of my favs! Not only is it cute with it s grey and white chevron print, but the planner is only 5” x 8” so it fits perfectly into my purse. This planner also contains acid-free paper, along with pockets and tabs. It is a weekly-monthly planner.
16 Printable Planner and Calendars

This next planner isn’t as cutesy but I love the design, which matters right?? It is a navy stripe Monthly-daily planner with an area for your to-do list along with a daily time schedule. This planner also has a protective cover which in my book is greatly needed. This planner also fits into your purse with the size being 5” x 8”.

16 Printable Planner and Calendars

This next planner is a little larger, I use one this size for work on my desk. It is letter size at 8.5” x 11” in size. This is a monthly-weekly planner and features a hexagon front. Each day offers a writing space for any details of the day that you may need, or that to-do list!

16 Printable Planner and Calendars letter size

If you are like me, I like to have my to-do list right in front of my face. I put this to-do list printable on my refrigerator so that I see it every day! I really like this printable, because I can print them out for the week and fill my to-do list as I go!

To-Do list 16 Printable Planner and Calendars

This next printable planner I love!! It is for monthly calendars!! Not only are these calendars pretty but they keep me organized from month to month! With these you can get a look ahead at your month and organize accordingly. This is one I also keep somewhere that is easily accessible at home.

16 Printable Planner and Calendars Desk Calendar



This next planner is for those with not too much needing organized but I just love the sleek design. This is a daily planner with an area for to-do’s, daily menu and daily time slots.

16 Printable Planner and Calendar Daily Planner 2018

This next printable planner is an instant download, and daily-weekly planner. It has a cute chevron print at the top and includes sheets for weekly schedule tracking, weekly planning, and daily planning. This one is part of a time management bundle, but you can get these without the bundle!

16 Printable Planner and Calendar Chevron Print

Menu-Grocery Planners

Now, if your family is like mine, and I’m sure they are, the one question that is always asked is…what is for dinner?? I love to be able to have my dinner menu all planned out for the month, and I love to post my weekly menu on the fridge! This way they all can just take a gander at the menu and maybe not ask that same ole question! :/

This next planner is perfect to go right on your fridge and I love it!! It is a weekly menu dry erase planner!! It has an area for groceries that you may need to get and an area for any notes that you may need to add.

16 Printable Planner and Calendars Dry Erase

This next menu planner is perfect for the farmhouse style kitchens! It also features a dry erase weekly menu area, but this one comes in a frame! The size of this one is 8” x 10”.

16 Printable Planner and Calendar Menu in frame


Chore Chart Planners

The next few printable planner and calendars is for an area that I always had for my kids as they were growing up, chores!! I just could not have lived without these, as I always wanted to teach my kids about responsibility from an early age, I felt that would help to mold them into responsible adults, which it did.

This printable planner is a printable chart for chores for your kids, and the chart comes with labels for you to choose which chores to hand out.

16 Printable Planner and Calendars chore chart

This next chore chart is a more permanent one, in that it is made of wood. You are able to write the names on which chore you want done on what day of the week. It is very stylish and fits the farmhouse charm look.

16 Printable Planner and Calendars Wooden chore Chart

Fitness Planners

Now, the next few printable planner and calendars kind of goes along with a lot of people’s new years resolutions! The next few are fitness planners, and yes I use one of these every day!!

To keep track of the amount of time I exercise and the muscle groups I use. I also like to keep track of my daily weight, or weekly weight.

I absolutely love this fitness planner because it is a bundle and it has not only the workout and weight tracker but it also has meal and calorie tracker too! This bundle includes: fitness goal page, weekly fitness and calorie log, daily food journal, workout log, healthy habits tracker, weight loss progress chart, fitness calendar, measurement tracker, meal planner, grocery list, and a patterned cover page!!

16 Printable Planner and Calendars Ultimate fitness Planner


This next fitness planner is called the fitness mega kit. It also is a bundle and what I really like about this one is that it has a running log (for those of us who are runners)! And there is a 30% discount code with this one (30OFF2018 coupon code).

16 Printable Planner and Calendars fitness mega kit

This next fitness planner is for the more feminine of us, it is styled in pink. One of the things I love about this fitness planner is that it has a graph chart for measurements which shows your trending line. I love to see things on a graph because it gives me extra motivation! Maybe that’s the organizational part of me shining through…hahaha.

16 Printable Planner and Calendars Track your Progress

Finance-Budget Planners

The next few planners are always my most important printable planner and calendars, because they have to do with my money and budget!! And that is important to us all.

I use both these finance planners to keep me organized and on track to keep all my bills and finances up to date!

This finance planner is called the budget planner and includes a cover page, yearly overview, monthly budget, expense tracker, bill tracker, bill payments calendar, debt tracker, bank account & card details page, donations tracker, notes page, savings tracker, finance calendar, 2 quote pages, and a tax checklist! Whew that is a lot but boy is it worth it!!

16 Printable Planner and Calendar Finance Calendar

This next one I keep at my desk in a binder for my husband, because it is easier for him to look at and keep track of! It is simple but yet does the job! It is a monthly bill checklist. You can keep everything in check with this printable planner by tracking due dates, amounts paid and notes if any!

16 Printable Planner and Calendar simple bill planner

Staying organized in life and in everything that I do is very important to me and I am a true believer that it makes life less stressful and enables you to enjoy more out of life!! What do you think???

You can see more of how I try to stay organized in my life by following my Pinterest board Organize it and saving my favorite organized finds to your boards!  See my Organize it board here!

See here on some tools on teaching your kids sight words, and keep their learning tools organized.



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