20 DIY Christmas Decoration & Gift Ideas

20 DIY Christmas Decoration & Gift Ideas

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I am an avid DIYer, and these 20 DIY Christmas Decoration & Gift Ideas are just for you. We all love for our holiday decorations to look great but its even better when you can say that you made them yourself. Who doesn’t love to show off their gift making skills with their diy Christmas decoration and gift ideas??

So here is the list of DIY Christmas Decoration & Gift Ideas we have compiled for you and give them a try!!

  1. Reindeer Treats Christmas Craft

If you would like to have a cute Christmas party favor to give to your guests or you need a cute idea for your kids Christmas party at school, then this is the craft for you!

Reindeer Treats Christmas Craft- diy christmas decoration
via Clean and Scentsible

2.  Ho Ho Ho Christmas Décor

I absolutely love Christmas décor that I can place around my home and what better way to get this décor than to make it yourself?! This project is very simple and looks amazing when finished.

Ho Ho Ho Holiday Decor
via Then Navage patch
      3.  4X4 Christmas Candlesticks

A very simple Christmas candlesticks made from 4X4’s. Just cut 3 to the size your wish and drill a hole in the top big enough for the flameless tea candles to fit into. Paint them Christmas colors and sand to distress and then garnish with Christmas twine and sprigs. Viola!! Your own DIY Candlesticks!

4X4 Candlesticks

      4. Reindeer noses candy jars

This is a great idea for all those whopper candy lovers! Take a Mason jar wrap a piece of brown construction paper around the middle and glue in place. Glue your googley eyes and red foil nose on the face. Wrap and glue your ribbon on the lid and glue your ears made of pipe cleaner on the lid fill with whopper candy and your done!

Reindeer Nose Candy Jar full of Whopper Candy

      5. Christmas Crate Train

This is the best idea for either indoor or outdoors. Made with crates that you can get from your local craft store.

Christmas Crate Train
via The Keeper of The Cheerios
      6. Chirstmas Crafts with Kids and Kisses

If you are a scrapbook enthusiast you will love this idea! This is a great craft for you and your kids and the extra special ingredient is the candy kisses!

Christmas Crafts with Kids and Kisses
via It All Started with Paint
      7. Easy Christmas Tree Garland

This is an idea for you teachers out there, or just moms who have an extra door that you want to decorate with your kids. This Christmas tree made of paper chains is easy to construct and the kids will have a fun time helping. You can use construction paper or colored lightweight cardboard to make a sturdy tree.

Easy Christmas Tree Garland

      8. Popsicle Stick Christmas Tree Ornaments

Who would not want these cute little ornaments on their tree??

Popsicle Stick Tree Ornaments

      9. Easy Burlap Angel Ornaments

If you love Angels you will love this idea for a Easy Burlap Angel Ornament. Such an easy project to make your Christmas tree angelic.

Easy Burlap Angels
via Gym Craft laundry
      10. Chalky Painted Mason Jars and Christmas Tablescape

If you love Mason jars like I do then you will love this project. It is one of the prettiest diy centerpieces you could put on your table at Christmas.

Chalky Paint Mason Jars
via The Frugal Homemaker
      11. Coffee or Latte Container Christmas Gift Tags

You cant go this Christmas without your own diy gift tags and this one is for the coffee lover in your family!

Coffee or Latte Container Christmas Gift Tags
via Simply Kelly Designs
      12. Christmas Centerpiece with Berries

What a great way to dress the center of your holiday table!

Christmas Centerpiece with Berries
via Dressed to at
      13. Holiday Ornaments that you can hang anywhere

Who doesn’t love the holiday ornament that you can make yourself out of Christmas scrapbook paper and construct yourself and just string and hang anywhere to make the season more festive!

Holiday Ornaments that you can hang anywhere

      14. Wine Cork Angels

One of my favorites is these wine cork angels ornaments! I love putting these ornaments together and giving them life on our tree. They will make any Christmas tree a lot cuter!

Wine Cork Angel Ornaments
via One Little Project
      15. Peppermint Candles

The perfect diy gift! The great aroma of a holiday favorite peppermint. Make your own candles to give as gifts.

Peppermint Candles
via A Pumpkin and Princess
      16. Christmas Cookie Containers

If you have a ton of Pringles cans laying around your house this is a crafty idea to use them and also make the best gifts ever, food! Put cookies, mixed nuts, or any kind of finger type treat in them.

Christmas Cookie Containers
via Fun-Squared
      17. Snowflake Window Clings

This is a must do with your kids! These clings will bring Christmas cheer to any door.

Snowflake Window Clings
via One Little Project
      18. Christmas Tree Card Stand

Have you ever wondered how you were going to display your Christmas cards? Well this is a great diy tree to do the trick! Just use 6 slats of wood, clothespins, mod podge and scrapbook paper, paint and wood glue and construct!

Christmas Card Tree Stand

      19. Snowman Christmas Advent Calendar

This is a great idea to countdown to Christmas day. We have an advent calendar for our grandkids and we fill the pockets with the miniature Hershey candy bars and have them take them out each day and of course eat them!!

Snowman Christmas Advent Calendar

     20. Coca-cola Gift Basket

One of my favorite DIY gifts to give away at Christmas is a themed gift basket! See how you can gather this great Coca-cola gift basket to one that is on your list

Coca-cola Gift Basket
via Anders Ruff


Which one of the 20 DIY Christmas Decoration & Gift Ideas did you like??

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