20 Farmhouse Lighting Fixtures Blog

20 Farmhouse Lighting Fixtures

Hey guys its been awhile!! I am so excited about these farmhouse lighting ideas for your dining room!
I have been working on my house and changing some decorating and switching out some light fixtures and getting ready to make some bigger changes! We bought a new dining room table to better suit my growing family, and so when we did this I started looking for new farmhouse lighting ideas for above that new table. That is when I found all these great dining room light fixtures! I had a really hard time trying to find the perfect one and I just wanted to share with all of you my farmhouse lighting favorite finds!

Now keep in mind that some of these light fixtures can also be used in other places in your home, such as in your entryway, kitchen, over your kitchen peninsula, maybe even your bathroom!

So, lets take a look at some of my favs!

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So which one or ones are your favorites?? I have had a really hard time picking just one! So maybe I can place more than one somewhere else in my house while I am doing my house make-over! Now next to order some decorative throw pillows for my living room! WOOHOO!!