5 Common New Year Resolutions

The 5 Common New Year Resolutions

According to data pulled from Google and reported by them, the top 5 common New Year resolutions are:

  1. Get Healthy
  2. Get Organized
  3. Living Life to the Fullest
  4. Learning New Hobbies
  5. Financial Freedom

Is one of these or all of these on your top list of New Year Resolutions? A few are on mine. If I had to reflect on how I would attain each one of these resolutions this is how I would go about them. Mind you, I am no expert, but these are just my thoughts on how I would try to achieve these resolutions if they were mine… because I feel, there is always room for improvement in life 🙂

5 Common New Year Resolutions

So here we go!

Get Healthy

When you say getting healthy most people think diet and exercise, right?? Well there is more to getting healthy than just that! You need to be held accountable in doing so. The best way of doing that is getting a buddy to do this resolution with you. If you both are accountable to each other it is definitely easier and a lot more fun. Maintaining this resolution does get hard if you go into a massive diet plan that you just can’t get used to and/or sign up for a gym membership that you know you won’t use after January. So just start off with small changes that will make a big difference!  Now I am by no means a fitness expert but I have made these simple changes in my life towards getting healthy and they have worked for me.

So I will share them with you…

A) I portion my plate into thirds and I eat a protein, carb, and a healthy fat, the macronutrient trifecta according to Christmas Abbott.
“Food is your foundation, and fitness is the accessory.”-Christmas Abbott.  I also have swapped out sodas (diet soda) for water. One would be so surprised as to how many unwanted carbs and calories you take in just drinking sugary sodas. It’s a simple switch and a healthy one.

B) Along with eating right I also exercise. I started out small when I started; I walked 10-15 minutes a day for 1 week, then I increased each week by 5 minutes until I got up to 45 minutes a day walking. Walking not only helped with my health but it also helped with my mindset I was able to just release the stress of the day and feel better once I was done.

C) I also added one more thing to my daily routine and that is planking or positive planking to help my core. Not only does planking help strengthen your abs but it also makes your back stronger too, which I needed. This is a great video from Bob Harper on how to do a proper plank.  I just plank each day for as long as I can stay in the position, and each day I try to go a little longer.

Get Organized

Okay, this one New Year Resolutions for me is going to have to be more in depth because yes I am OCD when it comes to being organized. However I do have room for improvement! This year I am going to go through all of my closets and just take an in depth inventory as to what I need and don’t need and get rid of what I don’t every use, wear or need. My motto is if you have not worn or used something for a year then it’s time to get rid of it! Yes I do tend to hold onto things for a long time just in case they would come back into fashion, (which that does happen) but I also realize that those items just are taking up good valuable organizing space and so they must go!!

So this year is the year of home inventory and organizing especially the closets!

New Year Resolutions-Get Organized
picture via Impressed blog

Live life to the fullest

This one is a little broader because you could just take it anywhere…does this mean less stress? Or does this mean more time with family?? Does this mean travel more?? What really does this one mean?

To me, this means that you get clear on what you most desire and want in life, then achieve those goals. But first I always have my coffee (hehe). I am old school. I always write down what I want to achieve. Then as I achieve those goals I mark them off my list!

I also know that stress just sets you back. When stress enters my life I walk my way out of it, literally walk. Because as I walk I reflect on the situation causing me the stress. Use this as a learning opportunity to know what to do differently to alleviate the situation and to be stress free:)  I also view every setback as an opportunity, a learning opportunity. I just know that I am meant to succeed and I also know that truly there is only one of me and I only get one life. So with that said, I strive to live a stress free life to the fullest!

New Years Resolutions-Life happens coffee helps mug

Learn New Hobbies

People pursue new hobbies every year, but how do you know what hobby to pursue?? For me when I want to pick up a new hobby I look for something that makes me forget about my day and something that I know I would really enjoy! I absolutely love to create! So, I always pick up a hobby that allows me to do just that, create!! I am an avid baker and self proclaimed party planner, and I love to create cakes, cupcakes and the perfect event. I love to research for the next great find for my family’s favorite new dish or for the next great event decoration or food! So my newest hobby this year will be to start a food and event blog that puts my love for creating and baking together all in one! So stay tuned for that launch!

Spend Less, Save More

This one is a hard one. New Years is a great time to reflect on your finances and make new money goals for the new year, however according to experts a recent survey of over 2,000 people found that 84% of Americans make money goals for the new year, but over half of them fail to achieve them. Wow!! That is an incredible percentage, and guess what guys, I have been in that percentage a time or two.

I am no finance expert by any means, but I have learned that if I make small steps towards my goal of financial freedom that it works better for me. So if I want to save money, I start with maybe saving a small amount each a day, (like a dollar a day, that’s thirty to thirty-one dollars a month), I know it doesn’t sound like much but to me every penny adds up! And a small step to achieving your financial goals. But don’t forget that you have to set your goal as to what is best for you, your family and your budget 🙂 My whole goal in finances is to start with those baby steps and grow from there, but just be patient and consistent and you will be more likely to achieving those financial goals.

New Year Resolutions- Business-Money-Pink-Pig and coins

Remember New Year Resolutions doesn’t have to be made on New Years. I feel you can start a resolution anytime of the year. Anytime, after a weekend or holiday just anytime when means something to you, just don’t wait until the next year comes around. When your New Year resolutions runs off the rails just pick yourself up, dust yourself off and try again!

What are your New Year resolutions, and how are you setting yourself up for success?? Let us know in the comments 🙂


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