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9 Farmhouse Style Country Bedding Sets

Good morning guys. As you all have probably figured out by now, I am absolutely obsessed with the farmhouse style look! So, these country bedding sets are right up my alley! I have wanted to redecorate my bedroom for some time now and I want to put that farmhouse style charm into that my bedroom décor. The search has been on for a few weeks now and I am looking for country bedding to fit that farmhouse style look. I would like to get something that is cozy, comfy and just has that great look of the farmhouse style country bedding. What I have found has been great but now I can’t choose between all the country bedding choices.

So, I just could not narrow it down to just nine! I thought I would share with you all my favorite finds in country bedding choices so that you can pick what would be your favorite!

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Well here is the list of bedding that I am pondering….tell me what you think?? I will update you when I finally make a decision:)

P.S. all of these bedding sources have been added to my feed here–> shop my feed which has other farmhouse style décor, furniture and finds!