9 Farmhouse Style Country Bedding Sets

Good morning guys. As you all have probably figured out by now, I am absolutely obsessed with the farmhouse style look! So, these country bedding sets are right up my alley! I have wanted to redecorate my bedroom for some time now and I want to put that farmhouse style charm into that my bedroom décor. The search has been on for a few weeks now and I am looking for country bedding to fit that farmhouse style look. I would like to get something that is cozy, comfy and just has that great look of the farmhouse style country bedding. What I have found has been great but now I can’t choose between all the country bedding choices.

So, I have narrowed it down to these eight farmhouse style country bedding sets. I thought I would share with you the eight country bedding choices I have found and let you pick as to what would be your favorite!

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Starting with my first find:

Avon 3-Piece Comforter Set by Lush Décor in Ivory

This set has such delicate ruffles and I love the Ivory color. The set includes a comforter and two pillow shams.
3 Piece lush decor ivory country bedding comforter set

Nautical Stripe Navy Duvet cover with Striped Pillow Sham

This set is a duvet cover made from 100% washed linen which makes it cozy and soft. I love the farmhouse style look of this country bedding.

Nautical Stripe Navy Duvet Country Bedding with pillow cases

Tencel Ruffle Duvet Cover & Sham

I love Pottery Barn and this set comes from there! This one has romantic ruffles and is also eco friendly too…delish!! It is wrinkle resistant which I love because my grandkids just love to romp on my bed and this way I can keep it looking fresh while they enjoy the comfy bed! Haha J I also love the light grey color of this duvet and sham set.

Ruffle duvet cover country bedding and sham


The Emily & Meritt Ruffle Stripe Duvet Cover and Sham

This farmhouse style country bedding has the ticking stripes and a little ruffle that gives the farmhouse style its flair! This is a stylish pure cotton set and is perfect for the classic farmhouse style look.  ♥love♥

Emily Meritt ruffle stripe duvet country bedding cover and sham


4 piece Alexis Ruffle Quilted Coverlet Set

The soft colors and ruffles of this 4 piece coverlet set looks and feels cozy and comfy. I love that it also has a upscale look as well as the farmhouse style look, and it happens to come from one of my favorite stores, Target!

4 piece alexis ruffle quilted country bedding coverlet set

Evan Stripe Duvet Cover & Sham

This Duvet Cover & Sham set has the vintage farmhouse style look with its burlap grain sack fabric, it is a classic! I love that it is made of 55% linen and 45% cotton which makes this set not only cozy, comfy but so soft as well. The duvet cover also has a solid color on the reverse side which gives you two looks for one.

evan stripe duvet country bedding cover and sham

Pick-Stitch Handcrafted Quilt & Sham

This is a hand quilted and the fabric is prewashed for a natural, homespun look and soft to feel. The quilt and sham is made of linen-cotton blend with 100% cotton batting. This quilt provides a year round warmth.

Pick-Stitch Handcrafted Quilt & Sham

Black Woven Abstract Stripe Duvet & Sham Set

This set is a modern farmhouse style Duvet & Sham set. The woven abstract stripe set made of cotton gives you a warm and cozy feel. I just love how this could work into the classic farmhouse style decor.

black woven abstract stripe duvet country bedding and sham set

I love every one of these sets and just cant make up my mind. Oh and as I was shopping for my bed I ran across this baby bedding that fit the bill for the farmhouse style country bedding and I just had to include it and share it with you because I felt it was just so irresistible!

Farmhouse Bumperless Baby Country Bedding in Gray & White

This bedding is just way too cute to leave out! The gray & white check is gender neutral and would look great with the white farmhouse style decor.

Farmhouse bumperless baby country bedding in gray & white check

Well here is the list of bedding that I am pondering….tell me what you think?? I will update you when I finally make a decision:)

P.S. all of these bedding sources have been added to my, shop my style, which has other farmhouse style décor, furniture and finds!




6 thoughts on “9 Farmhouse Style Country Bedding Sets”

  1. I’ve been eyeing the Emily and Merrit bedding myself but I’m just scared to order because there are no reviews ??‍♀️ Did you make a decision?

    • Hi Amber! The Emily and Merrit Ruffle Stripe Duvet Cover is really cute I actually thought about that one, but I ended up getting the Avon 3-piece Comforter Set due to it not having the ruffles, as my husband like it better. hahaha I would love to hear which one you chose once you decide:)

    • Hi Carm! Is there a particular bed set you are interested in? Each one of the bed sets have links. Give them a try again and if the link does not work please let me know and I will be happy to help you find the bed set you are interested in:) Thanks so much for visiting my blog!


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