Art and Craft for Toddlers

Art and craft for toddlers can be challenging. As a parent or teacher we want to control the mess but still allow them to have fun while using their creative mind. As toddlers they will be developing their small motor skills and are eager to create. In order to help them to develop and learn, there are a few art and craft activities you can do with your child to help their small motor skills and to allow their creative mind to fly.

One of my favorite activities to do with my daughter is watercolor paint. I know this sounds messy when first mentioned however, it is an activity that you can control and keep from becoming overly messy.

First Activity:

The first thing I did for this activity was purchase a blank sketch book that is perfect for arts and crafts for toddlers. The Scoop for Mommies, Art and Craft for ToddlersYou can purchase a spiral bound sketchbook from Wal-Mart.  This sketch book is good for multiple uses, and keeps your child’s work in one place.


The Scoop for Mommies, Art and Craft for toddlers


After finding a good sketch book for our art and craft for toddlers activity:

I purchased a Crayola washable watercolor paint set with 16 colors and a brush included. In order to keep this activity as clean as possible I lay the sketch book on a small towel, or hand towel. I then fill a small bowl with very little water, that way if it spills; it’s easy to clean up.

Once I have all of the supplies that are needed and have prevented as many messy incidents as possible, my daughter and I can begin painting. I give her the small watercolor brush and allow her to go to town. With this blank sketch book she can paint on as many pages as she likes and use as many colors are she likes. She can be creative as she desires within my controlled environment.

Second Activity:

Another fun art and craft for toddlers that is a mess free activity for a two year old is playing with play dough. My daughter loves play dough. However, there are a few things that I do before allowing her to play. My first move is to make sure she is on a clean, hard surface. Play dough on carpet, bedding or a dirty floor can often times ruin the play dough or ruin the surface. After I find a good surface for play, I choose one or two colors for my daughter to play with. Limiting the amount of play dough that she has, also limits the mess. Once I have the play dough and the surface, we can begin play. While my daughter plays with the play dough I stay right by her. Play dough can be a tempting thing for toddlers to put in their mouths, but if you stay right by them they can enjoy the play dough and you can keep it out of their mouth.

Third Activity:

The Scoop for Mommies, Art and Craft for ToddlersMy next art and craft for toddlers fun activity I like to do with my two year old is color. I like to provide a variety of things for her to color with and on. My daughter enjoys coloring with crayons on blank pages, like what are in her sketch book. She also enjoys the large coloring books with already printed pictures in them you can find Giant Coloring books like this at Wal-mart.
With this type of coloring book your two year old can use the 8 pack of the jumbo crayons or the 8 pack of the Crayola washable markers.




Fourth Activity:

The Scoop for Mommies, Art and Craft for Toddlers

Lastly, one of my favorite types of coloring activities for my child are the color wonder mess free coloring books. You can purchase one at your local Wal-mart, along with the markers that go with it. This type of coloring is mess free because the markers only work on the coloring book provided. They will not mark on skin, walls, furniture or anything else. This is great for a toddler who has a hard time controlling where their hand goes or that gets curious with their markers.
These four art and craft for toddlers activities are fun ways to play with your toddler. They allow your toddler to be creative within limits and keep things from getting too messy. I love doing these things with my daughter and I know you will too!

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