7 Sight Words Learning Tools

7 Sight Words Learning Tools

7 Sight Words Learning Tools These 7 sight words learning tools have been extremely helpful for parents in helping teach their kids from pre-schoolers to third grade the basic’s and beginning of the Dolch sight words. Games Kids love to play games and this is one of our favorite tools in teaching our kids how … Read more

Painting Activity for Preschoolers

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Painting Activity for Preschoolers The words all teachers and parents are afraid of is, painting activity for preschoolers. I will be the first to admit, painting with a preschooler can be a huge mess and become very time consuming. The paint can get all over them, all over their clothes and all over whatever surface … Read more

Teaching Capital Letters

Teaching capital letters

Teaching Capital Letters Teaching capital letters can often be a challenging task for parents and teachers. Learning the letters are a child’s first steps towards reading. Specifically in my own classroom and with my daughter I like to start off with only the capital letters. I find it easier to break the letters up into three … Read more

Art and Craft for Toddlers

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Art and craft for toddlers can be challenging. As a parent or teacher we want to control the mess but still allow them to have fun while using their creative mind. As toddlers they will be developing their small motor skills and are eager to create. In order to help them to develop and learn, there … Read more