Happy Farms Pillow and Farmhouse Style Chair

The Scoop for Mommies This is one of my favorite inspiration pieces!! I have my pillows on order and cant wait for them to get here!! I just love the farmhouse style used in this picture. This website contain(s) affiliate links.  If you click on an affiliate link and buy something from that site, I … Read more

5 Favorite Farmhouse Style Decorative Throw Pillows

5 Farmhouse Style Decorative Throw Pillows-The Scoop for Mommies

Hey all!! Glad you are here. Today I wanted to share with you my 5 favorite farmhouse style decorative throw pillows covers. I mean who doesn’t need throw pillows?? Right?? I have decorative throw pillows throughout my house. I have throw pillows on my couch, on my bed, on my dining room chairs, on my … Read more

16 Printable Planner and Calendars for an Organized Life

16 Printable Planner and Calendars featured image

Now that the New Year is here and upon us, we all start thinking about getting organized. I am super excited about getting organized every year, mainly because I am OCD about organization. I have a printable planner and calendar for everything! So, I thought I would help you get a little more organized with … Read more