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Kids Playroom Ideas and Decor

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When it comes to my grandkids my heart just melts when they ask me for something. They have recently asked me to turn one of the empty rooms I have in my house into a kids playroom just for them. So yes, I must! I have already started thinking about all of the playroom ideas that I can incorporate into this room! The big problem is this room is a very small room:( But I will prevail! Hahaha!

So here are the things that I found for our playroom

First of all I plan on painting the wall space with chalkboard paint and framing it out, I have chosen to use black Rust-Oleum Chalkboard paint. (Just click on the pictures below to see where I found this paint) I am a big DIY’er!

However, if you are not a DIY’er then I have found two chalk boards just for you in the list of pictures below….just in case we decide not to diy the paint, hehehe.

Now that I have decided on the chalkboard I need to move on to the cubbies! You cant have a kids playroom without cubbies, right? I found these several choices of cubbies for our playroom ideas below ⬇️ I am thinking of going with the 4 cube cubby so we could separate them if we chose to, however I just may have my hubby build the cubbies…DIY’er again! Now for the baskets to add some organization to this playroom ideas! I fell in love with the baskets below! Then my quest to find the table set! I wanted to find a cute white table set, just the perfect size for the space I have and I found several below! I finally chose a white table with grey chairs! All that is left of the playroom ideas is the area rug! I found multiple rugs that I liked! Which one below is your favorite??

So now that my internet shopping is done its time to get to work and put all of this into place and have this Kids playroom ready for my grandkids! I just cant wait to see their faces when its done!!!