Meatloaf Recipe-Old Fashioned Meatloaf

Meatloaf Recipe

This meatloaf recipe is one of my family’s favorite meals! They absolutely love the flavor and the fact that they can dip it in a pile of mashed potatoes too! Hmmm…not sure that this would be a good recommendation, however I see them do this every time.

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I love to serve this meatloaf recipe with of course, mashed potatoes and green beans. I usually make this meatloaf recipe on the weekend as it takes a few hours to prepare and cook. But it is well worth the time and wait.

The Scoop for Mommies, Meatloaf Recipe

My first thing to do is to dump my lean ground beef into a bowl and shred it up with my hands so that it is all apart. Next, I will add my other ingredients to the beef. I add the egg, 1/8 cup of the ketchup, the worcestershire sauce, and then what I like to call the magic ingredient “Lipton® Recipe Secrets Onion & Dip Mix”. 

Once all of these ingredients are in the beef I will mix it all up with my hands. Make sure all the ingredients are thoroughly mixed into the beef. And then I will add the oatmeal. I like to make sure I am using old fashioned oats. Now that the oats are in the beef mixture I once again will mix it all thoroughly together.

I will start to form the loaf once the meatloaf recipe ingredients are thoroughly mixed. Use your hands once again to form the loaf on the counter top or cutting board.

The Scoop for Mommies, Meatloaf Recipe

I then will place the loaf in a roasting pan that has a lid and I will add water to cover the bottom of the pan. You need to watch the water level as the meatloaf cooks, as the water will cook out. Now that I have added the water I will use a dash of salt over the top of the meatloaf and in water.

The Scoop for Mommies, Meatloaf Recipe


Place the lid on the roasting pan and place in a pre-heated oven set to 350 degrees and let bake for around 2 and half hours. But don’t forget to check on the meatloaf recipe as the water will cook out. If the water cooks out or gets low just keep adding more water to the bottom of the pan. I will continue to add water until the meatloaf is done or when the meatloaf liquid runs clear.

My meatloaf recipe is almost completely done add the rest of the ketchup to the top of the meatloaf to get your glaze. Turn down your oven to 300 degrees and let cook another 15-30 minutes. In this stage you want to take raise  your meatloaf out of the water. I like to place my meatloaf on a rack or on top of some aluminum foil balls in the roasting pan to finish cooking.

The Scoop for Mommies, Meatloaf Recipe

When your meatloaf is complete then the fun comes! Viola! Slice and serve!  

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*cook times vary on individual ovens*

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